As part of the University’s digital strategy to close the digital divide and empower all staff and students with improved access to the Internet, 3 Phases of the off-campus Connectivity project has been completed.

The project, which started in 2019, now sees a total of 60 accredited off-campus residences having been connected to the university network and services over 7830 students, which now have an internet experience similar to that of students living on campus.

It should be noted that the distribution of the internet service (Wi-Fi connectivity) inside off-campus residences remains the responsibility of the residence owner. The university only ensures internet connectivity to the residence building.

Below is the current status of the links to the off-campus residences. Please note that rotational load shedding does have an impact on the availability of the service. To minimise disruptions UPS’s have been installed at hub sites. The university is continually investigating means to minimise the disruption. Investigations into adding redundancy have already begun.