All complaints must be submitted at OCHO office either via email or handed-in personally. Please email to .


Procedure on how to lay a complaint:

  1. First consult your coordinator on the matter,
  2. If the issue has not yet been resolved, send an email to,
  3. Complainant may download the complaint form from the OCHO website ( or retrieve the form in OCHO office,
  4. Complaint may be submitted by either email to the coordinator or submit the form to OCHO office,
  5. Confirmation of receiving the complaint will be sent to the complainant within 24 Hours,
  6. The person responsible for investigating the case will carry out the investigation,
  7. Resolution of the complaint will be signed by the Accreditation Manager & Senior Manager and be communicated to the complainant.
Files you can download
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Complaint-Form (337 kB)