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Off-Campus Accommodation

How do I apply for an accommodation?

Once you have viewed the residences and made your choices, the entire process should not take you more than 15 minutes. 

Step 1

Decide which type of residence and also visit the http://ocho.mandela.ac.za/Financial-information to view the rentals for various gradings you would like to apply for.

  • Big Properties (offer 20 or more beds) are residences that are similar to on campus accommodation like your commune buildings with live-in residence managers. Some of the residences offer dining facilities for those students whom do not wish to cook themselves because all off campus residences are self-catering.
  • Small Properties (offer 1 to 19 beds) are residences such as free standing houses, townhouses, apartments, garden cottages, etc. where the accommodation service providers might not live on the premises (absent residence managers). However all the safety and security measures are in place?
  • George Properties are residences where the service providers do not live there.

And click on the menu option “Accommodation “ and view the various properties.


Step 2

Download the application form and please write clearly when completing it.

Application - New Students 2018

Application - Senior Students 2018


Step 3 

Choose your residence and room type (sharing room, en-suite sharing, standard single, en-suite single). Please note that we try our best to offer you the options chosen, however the placements are done on a first come first serve basis. Alternative options will be provided should you first three options not be available.


Step 4

If you would like to share the residence with a specific friend, please write their details at the bottom of the page.


Step 5 

Fax the completed application form to 041 504 9661 or you can scan and email it to offcampus.accommodation@nmmu.ac.za


How do I know if my application was received?

You will receive an email notification from the general email desk (offcampus.accommodation@nmmu.ac.za ) confirming receipt of the application form.


How do I know if a room is allocated to me?

We will forward you an accommodation offer which must be accepted or rejected within five (5) working days.

Your official letter will be sent once our office receives the proof of payment of the refundable damages deposit as stipulated in the accommodation offer.


Can I cancel my accommodation offer?

Yes, provided you inform our staff in writing via email at offcampus.accommodation@nmmu.ac.za on or before the 10th of January 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office and one of the friendly staff will assist you on 041 504 2921