Guidelines and information for applicants

1. Closing date for applications

Applications for 2024 accreditation is open from the 01st of September to the 30th of September 2024. 

2. Accreditation fees

Accreditation application fees vary according to the number of beds the applicant can provide. An accreditation application fee for Bigger Property (i.e. properties providing more than 19 beds) is charged at R1500, and for Smaller Property (i.e. properties providing less than 20 beds) is charged at R1000. Reinspections or Appeals for accreditation is charged at R300 per inspection. 

Bank Name:    Standard Bank
Account Number: 08 026 3011
Branch Code: 050417
Account Name: Nelson Mandela University Main
Reference: CC 5750-4415 + Residence Name or Address

There is an annual accreditation levy of 4% charged to service providers based on a number of Nelson Mandela University students in the accommodation. This levy is used to implement Living and Learning Programmes.

Transport levy is currently charged at R250 per student per month and it is applicable to any residences that are more than 3km away from the nearest NMU campus  (see clause 9.9 of the accreditation policy).

Should you be accredited, please download the attached document (make atleast 5 copies), and have it completed by your bank.

3. Accreditation Process

The accreditation process may take up to 90 days considering the following process:

  • Service Provider applies for accreditation
  • Accreditation Manager will arrange for an initial inspection to take place of the residence.
  • Briefing session with new applicants will be held online once applications close.
  • Service Provider notified of the date and time of actual accreditation inspection once all the relevant documentation has been submitted. 
  • Accreditation Team visits the property for inspection - mid September to end of October for current providers and first week of November for new applicants
  • Accreditation Team makes recommendations to the Evaluation Committee - first two weeks of October 
  • Evaluation Committee submits recommendation to the office of the DEAN - mid November
  • The DEAN gives final decision 
  • Service Provider is notified of the application outcome via email.
  • Appeals Inspections - first week of November
  • Publish final list of accredited residences November

4. Placement information

Nelson Mandela University OCHO refers National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), Bursary and Cash paying students to service providers accredited by Nelson Mandela University OCHO only.

Placement and Payment processes will be communicated to successful applicants.

5. Property Grading

Properties are graded according to the standard of the property, location and services offered. Any accommodation with 5 or more students must have a caretaker living on site.

6. Preferred areas

Nelson Mandela University OCHO prefer properties that are located within the below mentioned areas of student hubs and Nelson Mandela University shuttle routes which is 500 metres from the abovementioned.

Preferred areas for the Gqeberha campusses are:

  • Summerstrand
  • Humewood
  • Forest Hill (500m to Strandfontein Road and/or La Roche Drive)
  • Walmer (500m from Heugh Road/Walmer Road but not further than 6th Avenue)
  • Richmondhill (500m from Russell Road, Albany Road and Govan Mbeki Avenue)
  • Central (between Strand Street and Rink Street; Russell and Gordon Terrace)
  • North End (500m from Govan Mbeki Avenue)
  • Sydenham (from Heath Street along Sydenham Road going towards Stadium)

We also accredit residences for our George campus. 

Please ensure that the following documents are saved as pdf:

  • Proof of payment 
  • Proof of ownership (Bond statement, transfer letter or title deed. No municipal account)
  • Floor plans (Must be approved by the municipality, dated and stamped. It must indicate the room numbers and square meterage)
  • Certificate of compliance (Obtained from an Electrician and must not be older than 5 years) 
  • Special consent (if more than 4 students are accommodated, a prospective provider must apply for special consent via the Human Settlement Department at Brister House - Govan Mbeki Avenue, Central)
  • Certificate of occupancy (applicable for big properties only and obtained from the municipal building inspector)
  • Zoning proof (applicable for big properties only obtained from municipality)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (Must be submitted annually in January applicable to person or company the university will be tranferring rentals to)
  • Fidelity fund certificate (Only applicable to estate letting agents registered with estate agency board) 
  • Lift certificate (if applicable)